Power of Subconscious mind

Power of subconscious mind

Power of subconscious mind

There are basically two types of the brain. a well trained and an untrained one. this gives you two options either you become the slave of your brain or become a master of it by training it. so choose it wisely!

Use the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to create a vibrational match for the abundance you desire and deserve — — -JACK CANFIELD

I must say our brain is more complex than we understood. But still, we have to learn how to control it to become a master. the power of your unconscious brain goes far away than you think.

So to completely understand this concept let dig into the detail about it.

Now the first question is what is this subconscious brain?? here is how you define it.

The subconscious mind is a knowledge-bank for you, which is not in your alert mind. It collects your views, your past life, your thoughts, your abilities. Everything that you have viewed, made, or imagined is also there.


Unlike your conscious mind your subconscious mind does not go to sleep when you do in fact it does more work when you were down for the couch. your subconscious used those 8 hours to catch up on all the processing that it could not do during the day. during the daytime your subconscious active but at 75% while during the night it activates itself at 95%. so while you are lost in your dream your subconscious mind is wide awake.

You can hack your subconscious intellect and can get your desired outcomes. the last 5 minutes before sleep is so important. so you can program your brain in these last 5 minutes and can efficiently control it. okay, let’s do a single task to completely understand this.

You can try this by saving your goal in an audio voice of the next day on your phone. now set aside your phone on repetitive mode and just try to listen to it with complete focus. now go to your bed and try to listen to it until you sleep. you will be completely shocked by this, that on the next day you are hearing the voice that is telling you, what your goal is, from inside of you. is it not amazing?

 Well before that, all this was a sort of fatigue for you. so just by using your conscious mind to urge yourself to accomplish this goal now, it is gradually becoming a piece of peanuts for you.

Another Fact:

 Your subconscious memory is perfect even in old age events from fifty years before are still easy to remember. it is basically your conscious memory that is suspect.

The function of subconscious memory is to store, retrieve data. its main job is to ensure that you behave exactly the same way as you have programmed it. now you have to learn the accurate method to program it so it becomes easy to achieve your ambitions and objectives. 

Your subconscious mind finds a pattern in what you used to do a lot and say too. it then creates a master program from it. now it will automatically create a path for you. if there is good interaction between the conscious and subconscious brain, you will be on your full potential.

That’s why repeating the positive quotes are impacting. you can actually reprogram your subconscious by doing this practice. this will help your subconscious to lift up your thoughts in a manner that is success-oriented.

Now let me explain the term imaginer danger: your subconscious has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined. A study from the late 19’s stated this by asking two groups to play the piano. the first one  actually touched the instrument while other group just imagined they were playing.

After seeing the participant’s brain’s functions researchers discovered that “ subconscious could not tell the difference and it reacted to the same way to the imaginary as it did in the real ones

This is where your consciousness comes into play. it analyses all of the information that your subconscious takes in and decide what is real and what is not. 

Now let’s understand about

Unresolved Fatigue

You might notice that sometimes you sleep 8hrs a day but still, you are less productive and the quality of your work may try to suffer.

You try as much as you can to resolve this but no amount of conscious effort will solve this problem.

It’s because your conscious is trying to be productive but your subconscious is overtime now. it is exhausted to keep you away from that issue. now a solution is to take a break and work on your mental health. our brain is not designed to work 24/7.

Connection Between Our Body and Subconsciousness:

Sometimes your unconsciousness speaks through your body. it used to control pretty much everything. so when it is under stress many of its automatic functions go off the rail.

Your brain might subconsciously tighten your abdominal work, stop producing digestive hormone, both cause stress-induced, stomach aches. where you are more likely to blame your diet. right?

Subconscious repetition

Your subconscious mind minds this thing when you try new things or different or to change any of your stabilised patterns of performance and get disturbed emotionally and physically by it. basically, the thought of concern and distress are irritational warnings that your subconscious has been stimulated. but as it started to consider it essential. now slowly it is gaining more and more space in the subconscious to become familiar and easy for you after every repetition.

Your brain absorbs a massive amount of information in a single day to make a sense of it all. it needs some way to differentiate between things that are important and that are extraneous.

Repetition is basically a very useful tool of your brain to decide what to pay attention to. so the more you perceive something the more priority it gets. it works for everything from people to school or subjects. 

let’s consider an example. you are trying to become a morning person so want to wake up at 5 AM. okay!

At first, it is very difficult for at least the first 7 days. because at this time your subconscious does not know that you are struggling from this. because for these 7 days it is the duty of your conscious brain to make you alert at 5 am to get up maybe with the help of any alarm. 

But each repetition reinforces the idea to your brain to start and dedicate more and more space until completely fill in it. after the 7 days, it will not be that difficult for you to do this, and maximum in 21 days it will be completely habitual now.

 at this stage, it has become that important for the subconscious to change its behavior. so your conscious mind rules and your subconscious brain accepts.

But repetition is not just a healthy thing in life. repeating fears are often more terrifying because those negative emotions are ingrained in your subconscious. so yeah absolutely in this case it will work for you, but it actually killing or destroying your mental health and the functions that are related to this. all we know that our brain controls everything in fact it retains your body temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, also it allows you breathing normally and holds heart beating at a regular rate.

you might tell yourself that you are fearless but your conscious will tell you otherwise.

The subconscious mind is more powerful you can say 30000 times than the conscious one.

   Written By: Aleefa Khan



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