Depression Damages

A depressed girl

It will not erroneous to say that the major cause of all the hazardous disorders is depression. The depressed person is encountering a lot. It affects the health of a depressed one. A man is looking physically fit, may protesting with depression. But nobody knew him entirely.

That’s why depression is called the root of all ailments. Mostly our teenagers are becoming
prey to depression, which is persisting in our society. Fortunately, it can be cured nowadays. For the prescription of this destructive illness, one should know the reason for depression.

Origin of Depression:

Having several factors that cause depression the major cause of depression for teenagers that is prevailing these days occurs due to the increasing rate of molestation and sexual abuse of children in our population. But the disastrous thing is that mostly nobody knows or doesn’t try to know that depression can be occurred by this factor of sexual abuse that is common in our modern age. Childhood sexual abuse has pertained to higher levels of depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, eating disorder, etc.

Depression has been originated from sexual abuse in childhood. When in childhood, a child is abused by an adult, it affects a long time his life. He feels depressed and displays unusual behavior in thinking that nobody knows his suffering. So, this depression increases day by day in such a way that the child becomes tightlipped. In childhood abuse, the child thinks that he is only responsible for all that is happened to him, so he blames himself firstly. As the days pass if this molestation takes place continuously, the child feels helpless, and then this depression urges him to get rid of all this confrontation by committing suicide. The victim thinks that it is only the way to escape when nobody is ready to understand what is feeling by him helplessly.

Symptoms Of Depression:

Symptoms of depression vary in different victims. The victim that is sexually abused becomes mute, furious, rude, and mostly spend lonely. He wants to live sequestered even he doesn’t trust any family member of him. A child who us the victim of this trauma is recognized mostly by the facts;

1. Feels loneliness among people
2.Lack of appetite
3.Can’t learn a lesson
4.Refuse to go to school
6.Display unusual behavior
7.Feel fear all time
8.Thinks negatively
9.Sometimes laughing and suddenly feel
10. Lose weight
11. Overthinking
12. Over possessiveness

Maybe a teenager that is, unfortunately, becoming the victim of sexual abuse is acknowledged by these points. When the sexual abuse is committed by a trustworthy person, it may be overwhelming for the child to accept the trauma that happened to
him. It is most common that generally, teenagers are become the victim of this disaster by close family members, in the neighborhood, teachers, or maybe strangers.

How To Cure Depression:

Fortunately, the treatment of depression is available now. Early the causes of depression are recognized then can be cured according to the situation. It may have many facts of depression. But the main cause of depression that is common in our society is a sexual attack of an adult on a child.

When a teenager, is attacked sexually, it affects his relationship with others and his mental status too. There is nothing proper treatment for the child who is sexually abused, but there are many suggestions and implications that may be helpful for the child to recover gradually. There are many important things for a consultant to evaluate when helping a survivor to get rid of long-term effects or symptoms of sexual abuse.

The literature attending the therapeutic process after reveal has been made is restricted and no specific treatment model is suggested. Although no proper medication is available for counseling survivors, explorations, and clinicians have given suggestions and compulsory implications for counselors to consider

To help to decrease the level of depression and anxiety, helpful goals for the survivor may be to enhance their ability to accurately associate responsibility. The medicinal federation is imperative to help counseling survivors feel safe and sound.

The feeling of suspicion and anxiety or uncertainty may hinder the patient from disclosing they are adolescent sexual abuse. Relationships building strategies such as using encouragement confirmation, self-acknowledgment, and boundary setting are encouraged to help build the therapeutic alliance.

Sufferer empowerment is a procedure employed with survivors. It is vital to help survivors process, uncover and express anger because anger can be used to assist a patient feel an appointment appropriately attribute responsibility, establish restrictions and promote self-efficacy and power.

Motivating the victim in progressing skills that will assist them to find and formulate corroborating relationships especially with a partner is also considered an important goal in helping a survivor to overcome the sense of the long-term effects of childhood invective.

The reassertion of the sense of safety that a victim has lost, helps him to recover soon. The victim needs to seek medical
evaluation and mental health maintenance. It is indispensable to formulate a set daily routine for the child. A child who is sexually abused requires consolations that he is believed, is not to be accused, and will be kept secure from further harm.

Therapists are recommended to communicate with the general psychosocial crises before treating the sexual issues of survivors. This is due to the emotional and susceptible nature of sex. The first notch in sexual healing is to boost the survivor’s connection to their existing sexual issues with their previous sexual abuse.

A treatment manufactured for sexual recovery frequently focuses on understanding how sexual abuse exploited their
sexuality, adjusting sexual attitude gaining a more positive sexual self-concept, decreasing negative reactions to touch, and developing skills to positively experience touch and sexual intimacy.


Depression is a serious problem in adult age that becomes more serious to bring a person to a position to commit suicide. So it should be cured at its early stage. So if the cause of depression is childhood sexual abuse then, it must be tried to take the
victim away from this disastrous thing.
Research must continue on the problem of the long-term effects of childhood abuse.

The severity of this issue and the crucial intentions .it has on the lives of a survivor has been we’ll establish. With this proficiency, specialists must continue to improve their knowledge of childhood sexual abuse. There is extensive to be
learned on how the advisor and therapists can best assist the survivor of childhood sexual abuse to overcome its long-term effects.


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