How to Prevent Constipation

One of the major problems that mostly occurs among people is CONSTIPATION. It is the most serious problem from which most people suffer and feel uneasy when it happens.



Constipation is the condition in which you feel difficulty in excreting of waste material (feces/stool).You have to push hard your anal to pull out your faeces because your faeces become hard.

Why Constipation Occurs:

Constipation occurs when piles and haemorrhoids of waste material accumulated in the colon.

Harmful Effects of Constipation

When something harmful remains in your body for a more extended period. it also causes harm to your body. Faeces are toxic waste material if they do not remove timely from the body; they can lead to following effects:

  • A pale and dull look
  • Toxins can spread throughout the body
  • Can make the blood toxic
  • Abdominal pain
  • Swollen veins
  • Rectum pain
  • Torn skin of the anus
  • Bleeding due to excessive pressure to expel out faeces
  • Exhausted Mood
  • Bloating

What constipation feels like:

Constipation feels painful if severe.

Causes Of Constipation:

Whatever the disease is, there is always some root cause of that disease. So the causes of constipation are:

  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not having fruits in the diet
  • Not having enough fluid intake
  • Not doing any physical activity for a longer period
  • Not going to washroom when needed
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Travelling
  • Change of place

All these reasons can cause constipation.

Treatment of Constipation:

There is nothing to be worried about constipation; it can be treated easily at home. Here are some of the doings to do to prevent and recover from constipation.

Drink Water According To Your Body Need:

One of the best reason to prevent constipation is drinking eight glasses of water per day. As in constipation faeces gets hard and become difficult toexpel out, So drinking water is the best treatment of constipation because water keeps the faeces soft.

Fibre Intake:

Another best treatment of constipation is fibre intake. Dietary fibre is a nutrient portion of food derived from plants. Fruits contain a lot of dietary abstain from constipation.

Because the fibre in them also keeps the faeces soft because fibre is digestible, thread pushes out the poop from the rectum to anus and then outside. Moreover, fruits contain fluids in a large amount that is also beneficial for the body.

Take Healthy Diet:

Having junk food not only leads to obesity but constipation too. Because fast food is high in fats and low in fibre. Therefore, people should take a healthy diet, i.e. Vegetables and fruits. As they are rich in fibre and nutrients. They will prevent and help in recovering from constipation.

Take exercise and do yoga:

Your body needs to remain working for at least 2 to 3hrs of day. When our body doesn’t work in motion, the harmful waste material gets stuck in the body and then it becomes difficult to get the most of the body because that waste material doesn’t fluctuate its position from any other place to the anus.

Therefore, exercise and yoga are the best to keep the body healthy and working. The best yoga pose for constipation is the child pose.In this pose, thighs throw some pressure on the colon due to which gives warmth to the colon, and complex, stuck faeces start moving downwards.

Belly Massage:

Take a few drops of the cooking oil in your palm. Rub your palm together and massage your belly slowly with it. It will relieve constipation very well.

Bottom Line

So, this was the whole, not on constipation. By following the above precautions, you can relive constipation very quickly. 

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